Warm weather and bicycle riders


Cycling is a fun, healthy activity and an inexpensive way to get around. Before you go out follow these safety tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride: be equipped, know the rules, watch for hazards, and ride responsibly.

The Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA) defines the bicycle as a vehicle that belongs on the road. Riding on the road means riding with other traffic. This is only safe when all traffic uses the same rules of the road.

When everyone follows the same rules, actions become more predictable. Drivers can anticipate your moves and plan accordingly. Likewise, you too can anticipate and deal safely with the actions of others.

Because bicycles usually travel at a lower speed, there are two rules of the road to which cyclists must pay special attention: slower traffic stays right and slower traffic must give way to faster traffic when safe and practical.

Accordingly, cyclists should ride one meter from the curb or close to the right hand edge of the road when there is no curb, unless they are turning left, going faster than other vehicles or if the lane is too narrow to share. 

Check for local regulations that affect where you may cycle in your municipality. Bicycles are prohibited on some provincial highways. 

There are several rules of the road when riding a bicycle. Ignorance is not an excuse.

More information about riding your bicycle can be found at www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/pubs/cycling-guide. Safe riding!

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