Residents ‘wanted for questioning’


As reported in an earlier edition of The Leader, the Iroquois Waterfront committee is working on a questionnaire to determine what residents opinions are on future changes to be made to the Iroquois waterfront.

A follow-up email from the committee was presented at South Dundas council’s April 17th meeting in which the committee requested “that financial support from council be approved to cover the cost of reproduction and mailing of this questionnaire with covering letter to all households in the Iroquois Ward.”

The committee suggested that “collection be achieved by having respondents drop off their completed questionnaires at the Iroquois Public Library or at Iroquois Sears Travel.”

It was also pointed out that the questionnaire had been “reworked” by committee member Keith Poore and subsequently accepted by the committee as a whole. 

Poore, it was revealed, had also created a “web-based version for use by those so inclined” at

In addition to updates and requests concerning the questionnaire, the committee also offered council an “interim report” with suggestions for both the waterfront trail and the public beach.

“General clean up of brush along the shoreline and the installation of more benches with adjoining shade trees” was recommended for the waterfront trail.

The Iroquois beach recommendations included: “clean up of adjoining ditches including removal of hazardous timber bridge; refreshment of sand on the western portion of the beach; drain opening in parking area and addition of parking dividers to restrain joyriding; install flower boxes recycled from the shopping mall; and initiate a water-weed removal program in the enclosed swimming area.”

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