Wind turbine overrun


What is a “wind farm” exactly? The term sounds rather harmless, doesn’t it? Does it make you picture the colourful cartoon-sized windmills of yesterday? If that’s true, you’re probably in for a horrifying surprise.

The industrial wind turbines being erected all over Ontario do not come anywhere close to such an idyllic picture. In fact, they  look more like something you’d see watching War of the Worlds. In truth, they’re gigantic machines that are invading rural Ontario, (thanks to Premier McGuinty). Machines. Gigantic. Think about it please. Visit Wolfe Island and see for yourself… it’s a relatively short drive from South Dundas. (Or, watch the documentary, Windfall.)

And, if you’re one of those people who think that “wind farms” aren’t your problem, think again! The South Branch Wind project is on the verge of taking physical shape. There are at least two wind companies (that we know of) targeting landowners for land leases in and around Dundas County. The South Branch project is “small-scale” compared to reports about the other two companies’ plans… there could be close to 100 turbines when all is said and done. Sure, they may be five to ten years in coming to fruition, but if we don’t do anything to stop them… they will come and all anyone will see are wind turbines.

MPP Jim McDonell and MPP Steve Clark are holding a public information session for the South Branch project opponents at DC Community Centre in Dixon’s Corners on April 10th from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Please, come out, ask questions, learn about wind turbines and their effects on communities. Find out what you can do before it’s too late… before the turbines arrive to take over our land, our communities and our lives. And, remember that a cause isn’t ‘lost’ until there’s no one left to fight for it. Add your voice. -S.C.

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