Skaters showing their ‘love for skating’


Saturday night in front of a packed house, the Morrisburg and District Figure Skating Club hosted its annual ice show, skated to the theme, For the Love of Skating. The show included 81 skaters who used the opportunity to demonstrate the skating skills they acquired and perfected during the season.

For the Love of Skating kicked off with a Senior Line and ended with a line of Intermediate Skaters. In between, senior solo skaters were Teisha Mullin, Abby MacMillan, Gillian Beatson, Katherine Lee, Ali VanHoof and Jessica Thompson.

Giving some great performances as pairs skaters were Ashley Bouwman and Madisyn Hart, Kendra and Katie Buter, Cameryn and Alice Cameron, Trina Dykstra-Macpherson and Olivia Hart and Reagan Belanger and Erika Jordan at the Intermediate Level.

Senior pairs skaters included Kathleen Nicolaassen and Tayler Pilon, Kristyn Van Hoof and Abigail Jordan, Jessica Bass and Logan Patterson, Kaitlyn Stewart and Alexis Engwerda and Alyssa MacMillan and Allison Lee.

There was no shortage of love for the Canskate Groups who skated to Chapel of Love (Lilly Napier, Abigail Smail, Sarah Stewart, Emma Morrow, Megan McDonell and Taryn Crooke); Puppy Love (Payten Sommerdyk, Dominic Caines, Zoe Jamieson, Kennedy Lacroix, Madison Johnson, Charlie Chafe and Kerri Kelly; Love Potion #9-Carly Cutler, Abbey Robinson, Talia Crooke, Reyen VanBeilan, Jaden Casselman Emily Biemond; Love Shack-Shianne Johnson, Ella Mallett-Seuymour, Olivia MacDonald, Ava Orendi, Paige Cutler, Hannah Mallett-Seymour, Olivia Chafe, Hannah Warren, Marin Morrow, Amalie Furo, Jessica Groves and Hayden Napier; Love Train-Kade VanBeilan, Mateo Lacroix, Ryder Kelly, Anthony Walsh, Addison Thompson, Ashablr Weegar, Manraj Cheema and Owen Conlin; Jump for My Love-Madison Denneny, Melody Dunning, Hailey Steward, Kimberley Walsh, Mia Serviss and Rachel Jamieson; Love is Like a Heatwave-Kylie Schell, Shayna Markell, Grace Morrow, Emma Benoit, Miriam Biemond, Tala Brant-Berry and Emerson McMillan; Junior Group Give Me All Your Love-Gracie Fairbairn, Hannah Biemond, Mikaela Furo, Madisyn Hart and Xandra Furo. 


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