Good for your body, good for your soul


“Good for the body and good for the soul” was this year’s theme for Curves International’s 14th annual month-long food drive. 

Once again, Curves of Morrisburg took part in the March event. According to owner Kelly Keeler, “this was the best year ever.” 

On April 2nd, Keeler revealed that the gym collected 2,565 pounds of food and supplies for the Dundas County Food Bank, easily exceeding their original goal of 2,000 pounds. In fact, they doubled their 2011 haul of 1,230 pounds.

Keeler pointed out that “most of the groceries that were purchased, were purchased locally.”

To motivate members, Keeler drafted an incentive plan for the members of the Morrisburg gym: for every 20 pounds of food donated, they received five ballots. 

Winning ballots will be drawn sometime next week. An Avon gift basket, a Curves gift basket,  and a bracelet are just a few of the prizes available. The first place prize is a pair of Upper Canada Playhouse tickets, donated by the Playhouse.

“Kelly does a lot. She really motivates everybody,” said Curves member and former chair of the Dundas County Food Bank, Brenda Millard. “Our community is hugely generous.”

In addition to the in-house prizes for members, there was an incentive for those who wanted to join the gym during the month of March. Rather than pay the membership fee, new members had the option of donating two bags of groceries or $30 to the food bank. Morrisburg had 15 new members join the club during their March food drive.

In addition to Keeler’s in-house incentives, Curves International had some incentives of their own.

In a February press release, Curves founder Diane Heavin stated: “With a theme of ‘Good for your body and your soul,’ this year’s drive encourages Curves members to feel doubly good about themselves as they make time to exercise for good health and take time to help others in the community with a donation of nutritious food.”

“Local Curves clubs may also qualify to win cash prizes for their local food banks. Curves International will award cash prizes to the clubs that collect the most food, the clubs that show the greatest increase in donations over the 2011 food drive, and to two additional clubs randomly selected from all the clubs who enter the contest.”

According to Keeler, Curves International is expected to announce these award winners sometime in late April or early May. The prizes, all monetary, will go to the food bank associated with the winning Curves club. There is one $1,000 prize as well as several $500 prizes.

Keeler has high hopes for the final awards and said, “anything we win will go directly to the food bank.” 

“I think that my club may be in the top five or earn one of the other prizes for the food bank… I’m hoping anyway,” said Keeler.

The Dundas County Food Bank is currently looking for empty containers: juice or Ensure bottles; 250 and 500 ml containers; 2 liter containers; water bottles; and, baby food jars.

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