Morrisburg Chiropractic adds services

With an expansion to his services, Morrisburg Chiropractor, Dr. Steven Morrow, is adding ‘wellness’ to the old adage that there is ‘strength in numbers’.

Joining Morrow at his Morrisburg Chiropractic office are Registered Massage Therapist, Sarah Whittam and Nutritional and Wellness Specialist, Laura Barclay. 

Morrow says he is very pleased and extremely excited to be in the position to offer his patients more services.

“I called Laura a couple of months ago, because I thought it would be helpful to have someone who could help my patients with their diets. The time is available and I have the office space.”

While Barclay runs her successful Health and Wellness business in her home, she says the move to the Morrisburg Plaza “is perfect for me. Steve has a business that is established and well-respected. It gives me more exposure and more opportunity to expand. This will also provide a more private setting for my clients.”

Morrow adds that although he originally sought Barclay out for the nutritional aspect of her practise, it is a bonus that she is a registered Reiki practitioner.

Barclay studied Health and Wellness at Algonquin College after high school, but put her career on hold while raising her young family. Seven years ago she completed the program and began to build her business as time permitted. Also during those seven years, she studied for certification as a Level 2 Registered Reiki Practitioner and trained in Hot Stone Therapy and Stress Management.

“My clients come to me for nutritional guidance or counsel,” explains Barclay. “I offer one on one set ups. Everything is designed specifically for the individual. They may just need their diet tweaked a bit, or it may be something a bit more serious such as dealing with diabetes. I can help them to plan a personal diet if that is requested or needed.’

Barclay says that she is a “big fan of clean eating and I can provide lots of different recipe tips.”

A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, Reiki promotes healing and for Barclay it was a natural fit to her Health and Wellness business.

While Dr. Morrow was aware of Barclay and her local business, it was Whittam who found Morrisburg Chiropractic.

Originally from the Winchester area, Whittam moved out west in 1994.

She graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in British Columbia in 1997, where she received extensive training in anatomy, physiology, neurology and pathology. She was also introduced to Swedish Massage therapy and hydrotherapy in addition to numerous orthopedic techniques such as myofasial trigger point release, muscle energy, joint mobilization, passive stretching and PROM.

Last fall, with her family, Whittam returned to the area. It was by chance that when she was looking into the needs of the community she obtained the phone number of a therapist previously associated with Morrisburg Chiropractic. That call put her in touch with Morrow.

It was perfect timing. “She called looking for a space,” says Morrow. “We didn’t have a massage therapist at the time, so we met.”

Whittam says she is looking forward to becoming part of the community.

“I get enormous satisfaction in bringing relief to people living with chronic pain…i.e. fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic low back pain, headaches, jaw pain etc. I enjoy treating many different kinds of athletes, from dancers to triathletes, to people just starting out with a new exercise program.”

With the addition of the services provided by Barclay and Whittam, Morrow says it feels good to have an expanded program available to his patients. 

In addition to his chiropractic practise, Morrow has trained in Active Release Treatment Techniques (soft tissue techniques to get rid of scar tissue) and offers  Orthotics and Custom Braces services.

Barclay and Whittam will be located at Morrisburg Chiropractic beginning next week, and both say they will adjust their hours according to demand.

Barclay, who works a full-time job, is currently available for appointments on Wednesdays and Thursdays (late afternoons and evenings) and every second and fourth Saturday mornings. For information Laura can be contacted at, or at

Whittam will be available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

For information on any of the services at Morrisburg Chiropractic or to make an appointment, clients/patients are invited to call Morrisburg Chiropractic at 613-543-0500.


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