Morrisburg Curling – Little Rockers rock on

A team of Morrisburg Little Rockers acquitted themselves well at the Zone Playdowns recently at Metcalfe. While they didn’t advance to Regionals, they played well against one of the teams that will be going on, from Navan. Their second game, which was closer, was against a foursome from Winchester. Congratulations to Calvin Scott, Ewen Wilson, Carter Whyte and Nolan Belanger. Keep at it, boys. You were the youngest team there, and next year you’ll be one of the more experienced ones.

Last week our day ladies were in Alexandria. Alice and Cheryl Thompson, Betty Locke and Sharon Van Allen played Vankleek Hill in the morning in a very tight game. They lost by one point in the final end before repairing to the lounge for a delicious lunch.

Afterwards they returned to battle against Valleyfield. Again, they came up short by one in the final end. By the way, Valleyfield reported a membership of over 900 people in their very active club. The ladies came home with prizes, some the product of inventive games the ladies seem to organize at these events for the time away from the ice. Our folks enjoyed the day, and the fast ride home after the curling.

The next day, two teams of ladies were in Winchester for their Grandmothers’ Bonspiel. In the early draw, Alice Thompson, Ann Cook, Eleanor Allison and Nelda Hickman faced the eventual champions from the R.A. in the morning and dropped their afternoon match to an RCMP foursome. Grandmothers are very competitive.

The late draw featured Greta McGann, Cheryl Thompson, Joanne Baker and Claire Locke. They first met an RCMP team and dropped that match. After a very nice lunch they went back to the ice and had better luck against a team from the R.A. A delicious banquet followed, and after the usual games and awarding of prizes, the ladies headed back to Morrisburg to recover, after the events of the day.

Robert Houze entered a team in the City of Ottawa Bonspiel last week. He defeated Roger Lyons of RCMP, then a rink led by David Morton. Following these games, he advanced to the Grand Aggregate competition.  Robert’s team defeated Bill Lobban of Manotick at the Russell club and then they played David Tax, Saturday afternoon on Ottawa Curling Club ice. A loss there eliminated the Houze rink from further competition. 

David Tax lost in the next round, and Ian MacAulay of the Ottawa Club and Steve Cook of the RCMP competed for $6,000 and $3,000 respectively in the final at the Ottawa Hunt Club. While there was prize money for each of the events, this was the big one. We believe this is still the largest bonspiel in the world, with teams entered this year from all over North America. Next year, why not enter a team, or at least attend?

Sid Morrell and Jack Barkley are taking teams to Kingston for a men’s bonspiel next Friday. We wish them well, and we’ll see if we can get information for you next time.

Finally, there are still openings for the closing bonspiel at the club for March 31. Two six-end games are planned, with a pot luck luncheon, and a closing dinner at $15 each. Guests are welcome. There’s a cost of $10 for the bonspiel, and $2 for each of the skills competitions. Prizes will be awarded as well. Dinner is at 5:30 p.m., followed by the annual meeting and some championship curling. 

Proceeds from the day are targeted for an enhanced entrance appearance, replacement of a dehumidifier, rubber mats for the west end of the rink, repairing the deck at the south entrance, installing a new carpet, and repairing a leak in the roof. 

Looks like volunteers will be busy this summer with these and other tasks. Hope to see you for the season wind-up!

Good curling to all!


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