House of worship to become family home

The Williamsburg United Church has been conditionally sold.

On March 14th, Reverend Ralph Taylor confirmed that the church’s congregation had indeed accepted an offer made to purchase the building.

With things not quite finalized, Taylor felt it best not to pinpoint anything for certain. What he did say, however, is that the church has been ‘sold’ to a young couple who wish to turn the church into a home.

At the moment, he revealed, that the church officials are working with the township of South Dundas to change the current zoning for the lot to residential.

Taylor also indicated that they are “in the process of negotiating  with somebody who bought a former school within the general area” for a possible lease on a temporary worship center. He pointed out that a contract has not yet been signed.

Should things work out, “this is going to be our tabernacle while we work on our future.”

“There might be other churches in the Presbytery looking for some partnerships and rather than tie ourselves down, this (school) will be our interim kind of place.”

Taylor told his congregation: “we’re like the people with Moses; we’ve gone out in the wilderness.”

All decisions involved in the selling of the church went through the congregation for discussion and approval, said Taylor.

“In a way we were surprised, we thought we’d be listed for a long time.”

“There’s a sadness and a joy,” said Taylor, referring to the years of worship and memories attached to the church.

With that said, however, Taylor added, “we made the right decision. We’re on the right road to our future.”

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