‘No Truck’ traffic signs

At the February 21st South Dundas council meeting, council passed a by-law prohibiting trucks on Dr. Miller Drive.

The by-law was passed after council agreed with a recommendation from the Manager of Public Works Hugh Garlough whereby he requested that there be “no truck traffic on Dr. Miller Drive for the duration of work done on the Iroquois Wastewater Treatment Plant.”

The reason for the recommendation was outlined in his report to council: “Dr. Miller Drive, 1.2 kilometres in length, was upgraded to a double surface treated road in 2007. The cost at that time was $53,000 per kilometre for a total cost of $63,600. This is an investment the township road department wishes to protect.”

Deputy-Mayor Jim Locke recognized Garlough’s request as a “proactive move.”

In agreement, Councillor Archie Mellan pointed out that “there’s no sense in building a plant and wrecking a road.”

Councillor Evonne Delegarde inquired to the policing of the rule, to which Garlough replied that AECOM would be on-site everyday to oversee things and, he added, “we’ll deal with that if anyone in that construction is caught.”

Mayor Steven Byvelds expressed his belief that “most truckers who see a sign up like that will respect it.”

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