Interclub skate results


Some 37 Morrisburg Figure Skating Club skaters competed at the annual Interclub held in Cornwall on the weekend of February 18-19.

Results for the younger skaters were printed in the Leader last week. The following are the results for the older skaters. The finishes printed below are for each of the skaters/groups of skaters flights. Due to the number of skater at Interclub a number of flights are run in each of the various categories, each producing their own set of finishes.


First Place Finishes

Kristyn Van Hoof–Solo Spiral Preliminary (P)

Reagan Belanger, Olivia Hart & Katie Buter–Team Spins Pre-preliminary (PP)

Kendra Buter & Trina Dykstra MacPherson–Shadow Dance PP

Kristyn Van Hoof & Abigail Jordan–Team Spins P

Tayler Pilon & Abby MacMillan–Shadow Dance Jr. Bronze (JB)

Abby MacMillan & Teisha Mullin–Similar Pairs JB, Team Elements JB and Team Spins JB

Alyssa MacMillan & Allison Lee–Similar Pairs Jr. Silver (JS)

2nd Place Finishes

Reagan Belanger–Solo Spiral

Ali VanHoof–Solo Spiral

Alice Cameron & Cameryn Broad–Similar Pairs PP

Reagan Belanger & Olivia Hart–Shadow Dance PP

Cameryn Broad & Erika Jordan–Team Elements PP

Kaitlyn Stewart & Alexis Engwerda–Shadow Dance JB

Abby Jordan, Alexis Engwerda, Kaitlyn Stewart & Tayler Pilon–Team Spirit Beginner

3rd Place Finishes

Olivia Hart–Solo Spiral PP

Reagan Belanger & Erika Jordan–Similar Pairs PP

Olivia Hart & Trina Dykstra MacPherson–Similar Pairs PP

Reagan Belanger, Oliva Hart & Katie Buter–Team Elements PP

Kendra Buter, Kathleen Nicolaassen & Trina Dykstra-MacPherson Team Spins P

Alexis Engwerda, Kaitlyn Stewart, Tayler Pilon Team Elements P

Jessica Bass & Logan Patterson– Team Elements JB and Team Spins JB

Kendra Buter, Trina Dykstra MacPherson, Kathleen Nicolaassen & Kristyn Van Hoof–Team Spiral Beginner

4th Place Finishes

Ashley Bouwman & Alice Cameron–Team Spins PP

Cameryn Broad & Erika Jordan–Team Spins PP

Katie & Kendra Buter–Similar Pairs PP

Kristyn Van Hoof & Abby Jordan–Similar Pairs P, Shadow Dance JB, Team Elements P

Kaitlyn Stewart, Tayler Pilon and Alexis Engwerda–Team Spins P

Jessica Bass & Logan Patterson–Similar Pairs JB

Teisha Mullin–Solo Spiral JB

Reagan Belanger–Intro B Spins Spiral


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