Kids come together for Ash Wednesday event in Morrisburg


“They had so much fun. It’s such a positive experience,” said Fiona Carr, Family Resource Coordinator for GIAG.

Carr was referring to the full-day events on February 22nd, Ash Wednesday, marking the first day of Lent.

Organized and planned by Lutheran and Anglican churches in South Dundas, the base of activities took place at St. James Anglican Church in Morrisburg. Children from kindergarten to grade 12 were invited to join in the day’s activities where the theme for the day was “Lord Teach Us to Pray.”

According to Carr, “we had kids from tons of different schools.” The similarity? “They have a commonality of believing in God,” she said. 

Kids in Carr’s group, the intermediates, were exchanging phone numbers because although they hadn’t known one another before Wednesday, many of them “became instant friends.” 

Both the intermediate and senior groups took trips to the food bank where they dropped off donations, took a tour and helped out. 

“I was really impressed with them,” said Carr, of her intermediate group. “They helped pack some snack bags.” 

Carr was told that “they asked more questions than they’ve ever asked before,” and, in addition, they were fascinated to learn that donations can include pet food and toiletries, things they hadn’t thought of before the tour.

The primary group was led by Carol Rumble of Iroquois. According to Rumble, aside from honouring Ash Wednesday and having some fun in the process, the day’s purpose was to deliver the message of outreach to the children.

The primary group spent time during the day making cards for orphans in Madagascar. Mary Sherwood is a missionary at an orphanage there and had previously visited the area, giving a presentation of her work and what’s needed. According to Rumble, the cards will be forwarded to Sherwood who will see to it that the children receive them. 

The intermediate and senior groups had a visit from Karen Marshall who spoke about the outreach work her son Chris and his partner Shayna Campbell are doing in Uganda.

Currently, the couple is in the midst of a year-long mission to make a difference at St. Francis Health Care Services located near Mbiko, Uganda. They are trying to raise $33,500 to build a maternity hospital at the center. 

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