Cow Patti and Boeing-Boeing, hilariously funny ending


The Cow Patti Theatre Company is offering up its last laughs in Eastern Ontario and after sitting down to another delicious dinner at the Ramada Inn in Cornwall last Thursday night, and then settling back into our seats for this year’s production, we can only say, “what a shame. We are sure gonna miss our annual February trip to Cornwall, the Ramada and the Cow Patti stage.”

Once again, Cow Patti and the Ramada Inn are delivering a wonderful evening of entertainment, from the delicious buffet supper, through the lip-smacking Cow Patti coffees to the delightful and hilariously funny production of Marc Camoletti’s Boeing-Boeing.

Directed by Richard Bauer, Boeing-Boeing is the farcical comedy involving Bernard, a smooth playboy, played by Garfield Andrews who has three fiancees, all flight attendants, whose schedules have always made it possible for him to “juggle the babes” so to speak.

But bad weather, faster planes and changes in flights, coinciding with a visit from long ago friend Robert, played by Jamie Williams, changes Bernard’s carefully scheduled life in a mere 24 hours.

We have seen Jamie Williams on stage a number of times, quite often as the unsuspecting character who gets caught up in the intricacies of the farce, and we have concluded that there is a reason. He is just so good at it.

Once again, Williams doesn’t disappoint as he skillfully keeps the characters, in this case the three flights attendants, separated and behind one of six doors on the Boeing-Boeing set. Robert, may be a long-ago friend, but you have to wonder at his sincerity as you laugh your way through a couple of his “kissing scenes” with not one but two of the ladies.

In contrast to Robert’s antics is the complete loyalty shown to Bernard from his faithful, albeit constantly complaining, maid Bertha played skillfully by AnnaMarie Lea. “There aren’t too many like monsieur. He’s in a class of his own,” says a sarcastic Bertha, as she tries to keep straight the menus required to feed the three financees…one an American from the deep south, another from Italy and the third a German.

“I do quite well with the three,” Bernard brags to an envious Robert. “You’ve all the pleasures of a harem right here in the middle of Paris. All you need is a time table. I don’t change women, I change diet. It’s like living in a restaurant.”

Enter the fun…Gloria the American played by Katie Lawson, Gabriella the Italian played by Susan Greenfield and Gretchen the German played by Kate Gordon.

All are hugely funny and each has her special moment in the play. 

It was the encounters between Kate Gordon’s German character and Robert that we couldn’t get enough of. Gordon’s German accent was something else, hilariously funny. We found ourselves looking forward to hearing what was going to come out of her mouth every time she stepped onto the stage.

The cast was great and this is a must-see show if you get the chance. Not only is it the final Cow Patti production in Cornwall, we feel it is one of the funniest in the 11 years they have been here. Our hat is off to director Richard Bauer and the cast who kept us laughing throughout the play.

Boeing-Boeing opened at the Ramada Inn in Cornwall last Thursday, February 2, and runs through Sunday, February 19. There are afternoon and evening cabaret shows, as well as dinner and brunch theatres.

For information or to book tickets, please call the Ramada at 1-877-552-9166.


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