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Dave King and his committee ran another very successful Hugh Hutchison Bonspiel last week. This was formerly a Robbie Burns themed event, but with the decline in the percentage of Scots in the area, and a decrease in the affection for haggis, the event has been renamed. Ten men’s teams competed this year, playing two games separated by a fine lunch from Subway.

After scores were tallied, third place was awarded to the foursome of Eric Orgee, Jack Dikland, Karl Duncan and Al Gowanlock. Second went to Sid Morrell, Ken Wilson, Earl Jeacle and Fred Langlotz. Finishing first and getting their names on the venerable trophy were George Rutley, Neil Williams, Ron Beaupre and Steve Thompson.

Thursday, Gretta McGann, Joanne Baker, Claire Locke and Yvonne Mabo were in Prescott for their Robbie Burns event for ladies. The curlers were piped onto the ice, with Morrisburg the only team outfitted with kilts. They tied their morning game against North Grenville and paused for a delicious lunch, sans haggis. In the afternoon our ladies won their match against Lancaster, finishing in second place overall. It was another delightful event, in the fine tradition of Scottish curling.

Friday, Steve and Alice Thompson, Keith Robinson and Sharon Van Allen drove through the ice storm to Richmond for their 2-2-2 bonspiel. Our local team dropped their morning match to a strong Manotick foursome, visited with a number of old friends, and were fuelled by a tasty lunch. In the afternoon they returned to the ice against a quartet from Richmond. The teams ended up tied, and Alice won the game for our local heroes with a perfect draw to the pin. After team introductions, colourful stories, and picking out prizes, the teams hurried home, this time through a blinding snowstorm. In spite of the weather, it was a great day.

Meanwhile, the local club was hosting a stick bonspiel, organized by Glen Cougler. The weather was tricky for driving, but many of the curlers made it, and a simplified bonspiel went ahead. Glen’s committee did an excellent job, with Linda Robinson catering a fine lunch for the event.

Kemptville finished first, after their skip, Virginia Cunningham, outdrew Sid Morrell to the button to break the tie. With Virginia were Jean Hartree, Peggy Angus and Pam Owen. Sid’s team included Andy Patenaude, Neil Williams, and Dwight Gilmer/Al Gowanlock. Greta McGann, Arnold Barkley, and Martin Schneckenburger/Ted Herriman finished third in the bonspiel. Thanks to Glen for organizing this again. He will run the stick bonspiel again next year, but hopes for better weather.

Two teams of our Little Rockers were in Brockville on Saturday for a bonspiel. Kaeghan Lowson, Kendrew Byers, Calvin Scott and Adam White won their first match 5-2 against Brockville, but dropped their second 4-2 to Manotick. Ewan Wilson, Emily Poirier, Martina Lewis and Jonathan Charette dropped their games against the other Brockville and Manotick teams 4-1 and 3-1. Our young curlers played well and enjoyed the day.

Because of the weather, the last senior men’s Parnell of the season was cancelled, although the Prescott organizers hope to reschedule.

Wendy Casselman of our club began play last weekend in the OCA Regional Playdowns with Winchester’s Janet Lapierre, Janet Levere and Janet Thompson at the Ottawa Curling Club. We hope to have the results next time. Good curling!    


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