Year-end money matters


“We do appreciate staff’s due diligence in working with numbers,” said Mayor Steven Byvelds at the December 20th South Dundas council meeting.

He was referring to the three end-of-year reports from the township’s Treasurer, Shannon Geraghty: Year End Surplus/Deficits; Tax Write Offs for 2011 Taxation Year; and, Budget Amendments for 2011.

The second report requested the write-off of $88,446.89 for the 2011 taxation year. According to Geraghty, the number breaks down into $624.55 in residential write-offs and $87,822.34 in commercial write-offs.

He also reported that: “an amount of $75,000 was set by council in the approval of the final 2011 budget and therefore we are over budget by an amount of $13,447, which will be financed through the operations budget.”

The third report asked for council’s approval on $26,950.55 worth of amendments made to the 2011 budget during the year. 

The amendments consisted of the following previously approved expenditures: $2,000 to the Morrisburg Lions Club; $1,000 to the Iroquois Plaza Celebration; $6,086.70 to fix the Roof Top of the Iroquois Civic Centre; and, $17,863.85 to fix the Roof Top/Heat Exchanger for the Justice Building in Morrisburg.

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