Vinyl Cafe Coming to Upper Canada Playhouse


Stuart McLean is a nationally known radio broadcaster, humourist and author. 

During his outstanding career, McLean has won an ACTRA award, the Rooke Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching, Research and Writing, Trent University, the Canadian Authors Association Best Non Fiction Book, 1993, the Canadian Author’s Association and Jubilee Award, 2004, and three Stephen Leacock Memorial Medals for Humour, 1999, 2001 and 2007. 

But Stuart McLean is probably best known, and loved, by generations of Canadians, for creating Dave and Morley, characters whose zany misadventures are often featured in his long-running CBC production, The Vinyl Café.

This January 28-29, 2012,  Stuart McLean is bringing his hit CBC Vinyl Café production to Upper Canada Playhouse, according to artistic director, Donnie Bowes.

Stuart McLean and his crew will be taping two live programs at the Playhouse in front of two sold out audiences. 

McLean, in his very distinctive voice, during the show, will narrate tales of Dave (who makes a living running the Vinyl Café in Toronto), his wife Morley, their children Stephanie and Sam, their friends, and the people in their neighbourhood. 

Dave keeps a juke box in his living room and the motto of his  record business is “We May Not Be Big, But We’re Small.” 

Each story performance by McLean is a complete tale in its own right, affectionate, often nostalgic,   gently humourous, as Dave and Morley cope with the quirks of daily life. 

These stories on air, and their appearance in a series of books and audio books, have won McLean millions of fans since the characters’ premiere. 

The Vinyl Café features essays, fiction and music. McLean is noted for introducing new Canadian musicians. Café episodes often begin with McLean reciting a description of the venue and the community in which he is appearing (Morrisburg) and end with his signature signoff “I’m Stuart McLean, so long for now.”

Which stories he will be sharing during his taping in Morrisburg are not yet confirmed, but audiences can hope that some of McLean’s beloved seasonal tales, Dave Cooks the Turkey, Christmas with Rasheeda and Ahmeer, Morley’s Christmas Pageant and Dave on the Roof may be in the line-up. 

While tickets are currently sold out for the The Vinyl Café, contact Upper Canada Playhouse at 613-543-3713 for additional information. 

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