Teachers at St. Mary’s – St. Cecilia’s get creamed


Students at St. Mary’s – St. Cecilia’s Catholic School in Morrisburg were given a rare opportunity on Monday, December 5th when students and teachers came together in the gymnasium to celebrate their successful Movember fundraising venture.

Organized by Chris Veltkamp, physical education teacher, the school took on the challenge of raising money for prostate cancer.

The four male teachers grew mustaches for the month of November, in tribute to the Movember cause. In addition to Veltkamp, there were: Marcel Booyink, Core French teacher; James McIntyre, grade 1-2 teacher; and, Jeff Vynckier, the grade 3-4 teacher.

Veltkamp, in an attempt to make things interesting, gave the students incentives to raise the money.

If they reached $300, they would earn 20 minutes of free time. If they reached $600, all the female teachers would wear mustaches of some kind. And, if they reached $1,000, they were given the opportunity to shave the mustaches from the four male teachers in addition to throwing “pies” (paper plates filled with whipped cream and chocolate sauce) at the teachers. 

As of December 5th, Veltkamp estimated that the students had raised about $850, which meant they were just shy of their ultimate goal.

Being good sports, the teachers called it “close enough” and took the hits. Student council members were given the privilege of shaving off the mustaches.

Eight students were chosen to throw “pies” at the teachers. Each teacher was “hit” twice by two different students.

The cherry on top? That would be kindergartner, Mickaela Macdonald, being given the chance to throw a pie in the face of principal Joy Martel.

All in all, it was messy, but oh so much fun.

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