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The South Dundas township office has been receiving requests to have hall rental fees waived, mostly in relation to Matilda Hall in Dixon’s Corners.

At the December 6th council meeting, Clerk Brenda Brunt recommended “that council not authorize waiving the fees for any hall rentals.”

In her report, Brunt explained that “in 2009, council reviewed the fee schedule and set a reduced fee for the non-profit, charitable groups that we felt would be affordable at the time.”

“These fees help offset the expenses in the halls,” she continued.

“We recognize that these organizations contribute a great deal to the community, but at the same time the township cannot afford to continue running all of our halls/recreation facilities in the red or we will be required to increase our operational budget, which, in turn, will increase our taxes within South Dundas.”

The opinions of council were unanimous in that all agreed the present fee structure set out in 2009 is, in Deputy-Mayor Jim Locke’s words, “very very fair.There’s nothing wrong with that fee structure.”

Brunt had also pointed out that groups have the opportunity to get funding for the hall rental fees via the new grant policy.

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