Africa visits Morrisburg


In early November, local Morrisburg resident, Gail Hamilton, held a dinner at her home in honour of Bishop Winnie Owiti of Kenya, Africa.

Owiti’s Canadian visit was sponsored by Prescott-based charity, Canadians for the Children of Africa, to which Hamilton is a contributing member.

Hamilton first met Owiti in 2009 during a “working vacation” to Kenya. Hamilton, along with others in the charity, visited Owiti’s Ebenezer Life Center, a home for about 300 orphaned children.

In talking about her time in Africa, Hamilton said, “there’s a lot of beauty, but a lot of sadness too.”

Owiti and her husband, Archbishop Silas Owiti founded the Kenyan orphanage in 1993 in response to the growing number of orphans living on the streets without food or shelter. 

Their ministry, Voice of Salvation, was founded by Silas in the 1960s and is also stationed in Kenya.

Canadians for the Children of Africa was founded by Lorraine and Paul Casselman of Prescott after Lorraine heard Winnie Owiti’s story at an Ottawa church many years ago. 

So far they have raised over $100,000 for the orphanage and its children in Kenya.

The charity hosted an evening in honour of Owiti on November 12th at the Prescott Legion where Owiti was able to show, through slides and stories, the rewards of the charity’s many donations.

Hamilton is looking forward to joining others in the charity on their next trek to the Ebenezer Life Center in 2013.

For those interested in joining the group in their efforts, contact Paul or Lorraine at 613-925-2252. For those wishing to donate to the cause, the charity promises that every dollar raised goes directly to the orphanage and its children.

On her return from Africa, Hamilton brought back letters from the children at the orphanage. She then distributed the letters to schools in the area. She asked that they include an envelope with a return address and sufficient postage.

For those interested in writing: Ebenezer Life Center, P.O. Box 410, Ahero, Kenya, Africa. 

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