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Guy Lauzon – MP Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry

OTTAWA – You may have heard our Conservative Government recently introduced the Safe Streets and Communities Act. It was part of our campaign platform. As a matter of fact we promised to pass it within the first 100 sitting days of Parliament if we were given a majority government. Canadians gave us a majority government and now we are delivering.

Many components of the Act have been debated repeatedly in past Parliaments. Every time we got close to putting this legislation into law, the opposition parties would put a halt to it. They claim to be tough on crime but when “push comes to shove” they always vote against tougher laws. Our Government was given a strong mandate to keep working for the safety of Canadian families and we will. We will continue to stand up for victims rather than criminals.  

This Act entitled C-10 includes components like:

– increased penalties for sexual offences against children.

– tougher sentences for organized drug crime.

– ending house arrest for serious crimes.

– providing victims with the right to attend parole hearings.

– eliminating pardons for serious crimes.

– increased protection for vulnerable immigrants from human trafficking and exploitation. 

– Sebastien’s law: to better the public from violent and repeat young offenders.

In addition to remaining focused on the economic recovery and the safety of Canadians we are also moving forward with other key legislation that prevents human smugglers from taking advantage of our immigration system. We are improving Canadian democracy by upholding the principle that every vote cast should be of equal value through seat redistribution, and finally after many attempts blocked by the opposition parties, we will at last get rid of the long-gun registry once and for all. 

I am proud of our record since receiving our Majority mandate in the May 2 election. We are getting it done!

Guy Lauzon 

Member of Parliament

Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry

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