Getting recognized for contribution


It’s been said that a little bit of recognition goes a long way.

At the November 1st South Dundas council meeting, Councillor Evonne Delegarde suggested that the township be recognized for its contribution to the 50/50 grant projects, the Morrisburg Lion’s Pavillion and the South Dundas Dog Park.

“I just think there should be some recognition that the township of South Dundas was involved in these projects.”

Chief Administrative Officer Stephen McDonald agreed saying “that’s a good idea actually.” He went on to say that many people don’t know or realize that the township made such a significant contribution to these projects.

Councillor Archie Mellan suggested having a clause put into the 50/50 grant application requiring the group to acknowledge the township’s contribution.

Mayor Steven Byvelds commented that it’s common practice for people to be recognized for their contributions and so, “adding that to our policy would certainly make sense. It’s fair.”

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