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Editorial: Hub for the arts

June 15, 2017 Editor

It’s an amazing thing. It may be something no one ever expected to happen here in placid South Dundas, but, it has. And, the news is definitely getting out. South Dundas, over the last 12 […]


Morrisburg resident wins instant lottery prize

June 9, 2017 Editor

TORONTO – Morrisburg resident Barry McMillan is all smiles after winning a $77,777 top prize with the “Instant Tripling Red 7’s” game from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG). “Tripling Red 7’s has been […]

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Editorial: Minimal wage options

June 8, 2017 Editor

Over 100 years ago, auto maker Henry Ford more than doubled the wages he paid his assembly-line workers. At the time, Ford was quoted in newspapers saying: “If I don’t pay them well, they won’t […]