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Sod-turning for Iroquois WWT plant

News - April 25, 2012 Edition


During the April 17th South Dundas council meeting, manager of public works, Hugh Garlough, presented council with an update on where things stand with the Iroquois Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrades.

He also informed council that “April 27th is the sod-turning ceremony with the provincial and federal government being there.”

In the original notice to residents, chief administrative officer Stephen McDonald reported that “the work will include upgrading the equipment at the Elizabeth Drive sewage pumping station, clearing and excavating at the existing WWTP for new facilities and modifications to existing facilities and removal and replacement of existing outfall sewer.”

According to Garlough’s report, “everything is progressing quite well.”

The work is being done by J.C. Sulpher Construction Ltd. and overseen by AECOM Canada Ltd.

“They have the outfall just about completed,” said Garlough. “They were testing yesterday (April 16th) to make sure there were no leaks. There’s been excellent dry weather,” he continued, so “no extra pumping.” 

McDonald confirmed that the ceremony is expected to take place at 10 a.m. on Friday, April 27th.

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