Editorial: Policy in politics

February 22, 2018 Editor

Watching the entertaining competition of the 2018 Olympics has been a great distraction from many of the ongoing real-world issues, and Family Day provided a great break and a time to focus on family. To […]


Editorial: Schools – One year later

February 15, 2018 Editor

One year ago this week, the Upper Canada District School Board released its revised school closure plan. In that revision, Seaway District High School and Morrisburg Public School were removed from the closure list. Since […]


Editorial: Clearing up concern

February 8, 2018 Editor

There is no denying that Canada is a northern country. Canadians expect snow and ice: we prepare for them with snow tires, bags of salt, shovels and more. In addition we pay taxes to the […]


Editorial: What a political mess

February 1, 2018 Editor

This editorial was originally planned to be about the lack of candidates or nominations here in SDSG for the upcoming provincial election. So far, incumbent MPP Jim McDonell will run again for the PC’s, and […]


Jim McDonell: January 2018 update

January 30, 2018 Editor

CORNWALL — January saw the launch of two flagship initiatives by the current government. On January 1st the OHIP+ program came into effect, providing coverage for numerous drugs for Ontarians under the age of 25. […]


Editorial: Over a decade of benefit

January 25, 2018 Editor

There have been few programs in South Dundas over the past decade that have been more successful than the $ for $ Capital Funding program. The program provides matching funds up to $25,000 from the […]


Editorial: School bus blues

January 18, 2018 Editor

Unpredictable winter weather caused a spat of school bus cancellations last week, the first week back from Christmas vacation. Students attended school only two of five days. Cancelling buses during inclement weather is part of […]


Gibberish: Christmas Puddin’

January 16, 2018 W. Gibb – Leader staff

I think the photo accompanying this column really says it all. Puddin’, aka the Orange Menace, does not view Christmas with affection. In her kingdom, jolly elves, reindeer, any visitors, snowmen, partridges in pear trees, […]