Editorial: Be responsible

April 26, 2018 Editor

Spring is here, finally. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the bags filled with trash are lining the side of the road. The first two signs of spring do not normally go with […]


Editorial: What’s in a date?

April 19, 2018 Editor

Last week’s article about the pending closure of the Bank of Montreal branch in Iroquois prompted much debate in the newsroom. The debate was not over the branch closure itself, but over the year the […]


Editorial: Hit the ground running

April 12, 2018 Editor

Too often, except for the reporters who cover the meetings, the gallery at South Dundas council meetings sits mostly empty. The lack of attendance often makes it appear that people aren’t interested, but when something […]


Editorial: Chew on this

April 5, 2018 Editor

As we get closer to the provincial election, some political parties are releasing parts of their election platforms. The Liberals and the NDP have made dental care for Ontarians a major part of their platforms. […]


Editorial: In need of an update

March 29, 2018 Editor

Last Friday the annual provincial “Sunshine List” was released. The list, started in 1996, publishes the salary and taxable benefits for all Ontario public service employees who earn over $100,000 per year. School boards, hospitals […]


Editorial: Back to the real issues

March 22, 2018 Editor

Now that the leadership race for the Ontario Progressive Conservative party has been settled, Ontarians can focus on the issues. The provincial election is less than three months away. In South Dundas, as in much […]


Editorial: Is anyone listening?

March 15, 2018 Editor

Based on the volume of letters to the editor received at The Leader this week, and comments posted to social media, residents of South Dundas are understandably upset about two issues in the community. Clearly […]


Jim McDonell: This week at Queen’s Park

March 9, 2018 Editor

QUEEN’S PARK – The government announced its plans to present the 2018 Ontario Budget on March 28th. In a speech to the Economic Club of Canada, the Minister of Finance stated that he expected the […]


Woeful neglect

March 8, 2018 Editor

Our lead story in the print edition of The Leader this week describes the impending eviction of the tenant from the apartment in Carman House. Carman House, a 200-plus year old building in Iroquois which […]