Editorial: Getting noticed

July 12, 2018 Editor

South Dundas has been drawing some serious attention from those who live outside our borders. The huge bluegrass festival was in June. A major ball tournament, with teams from Toronto and Montreal took place on […]


Editorial: Change is here

July 5, 2018 Editor

Last Friday, Doug Ford became Ontario’s 26th premier. He holds a 76 seat majority at Queen’s Park, and for the next four years, he is our premier. He was elected with a mandate to bring […]


Editorial: Sixty years of progress

June 28, 2018 Editor

It was all in the name of progress. The culminating event of four years of construction and decades of planning came down to one big ‘boom’. July 1st, 1958, the blowing of the coffer dam […]


Editorial: The road to ruin?

June 21, 2018 Editor

The largest road transfer deal in South Dundas since amalgamation became official last week with both the municipal and county councils approving the transfer of County Road 4. That road, also known as Lakeshore Drive, […]


Editorial: Point of order

June 14, 2018 Editor

Combined, the members of this South Dundas council have a total of almost 37 years of experience, sitting at a council table and, as a council, working with regulatory bylaws. Yet this group continues to […]


Editorial: Distinct voting choices

June 7, 2018 Editor

What is abundantly clear from the past four weeks on the campaign trail, voters in Ontario and here in Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry are being given very different voting choices. Rather than lecture readers on why they […]


Editorial: Do the job ourselves

May 31, 2018 Editor

The strike currently affecting paramedic and social services is moving into its third week. The strike is between Cornwall, and three different CUPE locals. While the strike continues, residents are affected through reduced or non-existent […]


Editorial: If you can mark an ‘X’

May 24, 2018 Editor

One of Newfoundland comedian Greg Toomey’s best-known characters from This Hour has 22 Minutes is Jerry Boyle, leader of the Newfoundland Separation Federation. His line, “If you can mark an X, then you’re my kind […]


Editorial: The best laid plans?

May 17, 2018 Editor

Government spending and election promises are fickle things. Before the election began, Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford pledged that he would find four cents of savings for every dollar the government spends. Once the writ […]


Editorial: Generous role models

May 10, 2018 Editor

Community is a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. In South Dundas we are very fortunate that the common characteristic here is generosity. This community is […]