Council-elect will be sworn in December 1st

MORRISBURG – Breaking with tradition, the Seventh Council of the Municipality of South Dundas will be sworn-in a few days earlier than anticipated.

Traditionally, newly elected councils are sworn-in to office at their inaugural meeting, which, according to the South Dundas’ procedural bylaw, should be the first Tuesday in December, which this year falls on December 4th.

However, the council-elect has scheduled its official swearing-in ceremony for December 1st.

Last week, the outgoing council had to approve suspension of the rules of the procedural bylaw to allow the next council to be sworn-in on December 1st, which they did.

“This will allow for new council to start on the following Tuesday with a regular meeting instead,” said mayor-elect Steven Byvelds. “We are all ready to get to work, and I believe the citizens of South Dundas would like to have us resolve some current issues in a more timely fashion.”