The Long Road Home: Cory Coons releases new album

IROQUOIS – “I think the title says it all, “ said Cory Coons, song-writer and singer. “I’ve come back to my roots: some of these songs were nurtured over several years. And for the last four or five years, I’ve been on the road quite a bit.

I needed to get feeling “at home” again with my song-writing.”

Cory has just released The Long Road Home, his latest album. The songs are all original to the album, except for a re-worked version of a song from 2012.

This, Cory’s fourth full-length album, was developed in Vancouver, Washington, where Ron Nevison, his producer, is located.

“We worked out of a studio called Crossroads,” Cory explained. “Ron uses an old analog sound board for the sessions as he feels it makes the sound warmer when you start recording. The digitalization comes later.”

At guitarist Marc Muir’s Cornwall studio, adding in Allen Hunter on bass and Thom Sullivan on drums, they overdubbed the harmony vocals and added other instrumentation ‘colour.’ The final mixing was done in 2018 in Los Angeles at DNA Mastering.

“I’m an emotional song-writer,” Cory said. “Sometimes in my music I tell stories or describe feelings. “Eyes of Blue” was written for my four-year-old daughter. “Dead Man’s Dream”, a key song on the album, I leave to the listener to interpret. The true test for any musician is what does the listener think one of my songs is about?”

Cory has been a professional musician for 25 years, although he confesses that he’s been playing all his life.

Guitar is his instrument.

“I’ve been building on the melodic rock since 2014, when my EP Share A Little Time won a Producer’s Choice Honour at the LA Music Awards. Bon Jovi, Styx, Neil Young, these are some of the artists who have inspired me,” he said.

The Long Road Home has been getting air time on streaming internet radio, on Kingston radio and lately at select rock stations all over Canada. CDs are available at Rock My House, Sandy Row Golf Course and Shelley’s Kitchen. “We’ve been getting a really positive response on the internet, and we’re climbing on the charts. I’m also on iTunes.”

Still passionate about playing live (“I love that connection you can make with an audience.”), Cory performed June 9 at South Branch Bistro in Kemptville and will be part of an acoustic show at the August Brockville Ribfest “with a full band.” He also teaches guitar and bass at Kevin Eamon’s Rock My House.

“I look to touch people with my songs,” Cory explained. “I want them to take something home with them. After all, a song becomes everybody else’s, not your own, once you put it out there. Hopefully the songs in The Long Road Home are insightful and relateable.”

Cory Coons can be reached at

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