Editorial: A time for giving

It goes without saying that Christmas is a time for giving. But let’s also remember that it also provides a great opportunity to give back.

For a lot of local retailers tough economic times are a reality. That reality continues to hit home as iconic retailers, long running shops, and seemingly busy discount retailers are considering or facing closure. Shrinking profit margins, online competition and looming minimum wage increases are a stark, and perhaps frightening, reality for many.

What is also real is that with less than a month until Christmas, shoppers are out in force, Christmas lists in hand, making purchases.

You may not be able to nab that highly sought-after, hard to find, Unicorn Fingerling digital pet here in South Dundas. (Truth be told, even if you’re shopping in a city, you’re unlikely to find that hard to get item there either. Online may give you a better chance. But there’s also a better chance of falling victim to unscrupulous scammers who have no intention of delivering the unicorn anyway.)

Here, there are a lot of great things that can be found locally.

Many area retailers have been offering great ‘Black Friday’ deals and ‘Ladies Night’ specials. Some are being really creative with in-store contests through which customers can receive an extra discount or a chance to win a prize.

Since area retailers are working so hard to attract your attention and some of your Christmas budget dollars, please consider doing what you can to spend at least some of your shopping dollars locally.

Try extra hard to remember those who have supported you over the past year. Maybe a company, a store owner or its staff members have gone the extra mile to support you or your business in some way?

Perhaps a local store has sponsored your child’s sports team, or donated cash/food/prizes to an event, organization, club or charity that you feel strongly about.

Holiday shopping is a great way to give back a few of those dollars, to say thanks for being here, thanks for being part of our community and thanks for supporting our community.

We all know that we are out spending anyway, so why not put those dollars to the best use possible, by fostering and strengthening our community and its future.

Since you’re here…

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