Editorial: Eggs for all baskets

Social media contests are fun and popular. The latest social media campaign making the rounds is one that has really struck a chord with this community, despite the unusual nature of the prize.

The top prize in this contest is 600 dozen eggs.

For neighbours who use the local Food Shares, fresh eggs can be rare on the shelves. To suddenly secure a large supply would mean a lot both to those who use area Food Shares and to those who operate them. Without a doubt, 600 dozen eggs would make a real difference at a relatively small food bank like Winchester Community Food Share.

Blessed with an over-abundance of eggs, Community Food Share might find itself in a position to share the bounty beyond its Winchester and Morrisburg locations. The reality is that 600 dozen eggs may seem like a lot to cope with, but isn’t it a good problem to have?

How can we all help to win this prize for our community?

Go to your computers every day and vote for the Winchester Community Food Share. Encourage everyone out there to support this effort by visiting the Egg Farmers of Ontario Facebook page or by following the links to the contest on the Morrisburg Leader or Community Food Share Facebook page. You can vote once today and every day until the end of the month.

People often think that rural communities like this one simply don’t have the population density to allow them to truly be in contention, to actually have a shot at winning a contest that is, after all, being offered province wide.


The remarkable thing is that our community is already rallying together to try and take that prize. As of today, we are actually in first place! Granted the ranking changes a lot depending on traffic, but make no mistake, we are genuinely in contention.

And even if Community Food Share doesn’t end up in the top spot, second and third place finishers will win 400 dozen and 250 dozen eggs respectively.

If you’re not personally on social media, encourage those who are to take the time to cast a daily vote. Every single vote counts.

All it takes is a click and a couple of minutes to make a real difference in the lives of neighbours and friends.

Click here to vote today. Vote early, vote often.