Pioneers crush Braves, edge River Rats

WILLIAMSBURG – The Williamsburg Pioneers Jr/Sr team continued their winning season in Upper Canada Little League play with two games on the diamond.

Their first on June 14th, the team crushed the visiting Brockville Braves 17-3 in Williamsburg. Following that victory, the team traveled to Cornwall June 15th to take on the River Rats, narrowly edging them in the fifth inning to win 13-11.

Williamsburg Pioneers 17
Brockville Braves 3

The Pioneers started Nolan Henry on the pitchers mound against the Braves June 14th. After going full count with the first batter on the Braves batting order, the Pioneers’ infield picked off two runners before Henry struck out the last batter to end the top of the inning.

Henry batted first for Williamsburg cracking one deep to the outfield for a three-base hit setting up the first run of the day. Batting second, Isaac Cummins was intentionally walked by the Braves pitcher. Dean Lapier’s triple brought Henry home and put the Pioneers on the scoreboard 1-0.

Isaiah Summers had a base hit to load the bases for Williamsburg. Tory Barnett had a base-hit which led to Cummins and Lapier crossing the plate as the Braves committed their first of two errors in the inning. Another error on Brendan Shaver’s at-bat allowed Summers to cross the plate. Pioneers led 4-0 after the first inning.

Lapier took the mound in the top of the second allowing one base hit for four at-bats.

Bottom of the second, Thomas Rae flied-out in his first swing at the plate while Devon Swindells’ base hit, which the Braves fumbled, allowing him to steal second on the error. This set up Kendrew Byers whose base hit put Swindells in scoring position. Byers was able to steal second before Maclean Machan’s base hit had him land on first, bringing Swindells home. Raiden Irvine’s base hit brought Byers home and the Pioneers end the inning with a 7-0 lead.

The Braves finally got on the scoreboard in the third. With Summers on the mound for the Pioneers, allowing for three-runs in seven at-bats. Summers found his groove with the last batter going full count before striking him out, sending it to the bottom of the third inning.

More errors committed by the Braves had five cross the plate for Williamsburg.

First up was Lapier with a single, stealing two more bases to land in scoring position. Summers’ base hit along with Barnett being walked loaded the bases. Rae had one RBI while Byers had two as Williamsburg extended their lead to 12-3 at the end of the third.

Rae pitched in the fourth for the Pioneers allowing only one runner on base as the team picked off two more. The Braves held the Pioneers to only one run crossing the plate with seven batters, Lapier had his second RBI as Machan crossed the plate, increasing the Pioneers lead to 13-3.

Barnett pitched cleanup in the fifth, allowing two base hits, striking out two with one runner making it to scoring position. In the bottom of the inning, the team sent four more across the plate with Summers, Barnett, Swindells and Byers scoring. Final score, Williamsburg Pioneers 17, Brockville Braves 3.

Willamsburg Pioneers 13
Cornwall River Rats 11

CORNWALL – The visiting Pioneers batted first against the River Rats in the June 15th game. Henry topped off the battling order with a single followed by a single from Cummings. Henry was able to steal to third, and in an ensuing error by Cornwall was able to steal home making it 1-0 Williamsburg. Cummings stole second and then third to put himself in scoring position. A three-base hit by Lapier earned him an RBI as Cummins crossed the plate, while Shaver’s single late in the inning brought Lapier home. Williamsburg led 3-0 going into the bottom of the first.

Henry started for the Pioneers, giving up four runs as the River Rats swam into a 4-3 lead.

Cornwall kept the Pioneers at bay striking out three in four at-bats. Byers landed a double but was left stranded on base.

Lapier allowed two base hits in five batters for the inning. Cornwall remained in the lead.

The River Rats returned the favour in the top of the third, allowing only two on base for five at-bats. Cornwall added two more runs to increase their lead to 6-3.

Williamsburg’s bats finally connected in the top of the fourth, with Barnett, Rae, Byers, Machan and Keeler crossing the plate to put the Pioneers in the lead 8-6.

Cornwall countered with five crossing the plate in the bottom of the fourth to retake the lead 11-8. Rae allowed five runs in seven hits in the inning.

The Pioneers bats stayed red hot in the top of the fifth inning. After Henry was walked in the first at bat, Cummins, Lapier, Summers, Barnett and Shaver all had base hits that led to five runs crossing the plate. Williamsburg retook the lead 14-11.

Barnett closed down the final frame for the Pioneers, allowing only one hit for four at-bats and striking out the last two at-bats. Williamsburg held on to win 14-11.