Seaway breaks two records at meet

BROCKVILLE – Two new records were set by Seaway Intermediate athletes at the annual Upper Canada Cup track and field championship on June 11th in Brockville.

Olivia Mudde set the record in Grade 7 Girls Triple Jump, landing a 9.91 metre jump, winning gold in the event.

“I have competed in past seasons, but I took it more serious this year,” Mudde told The Leader. “I came into the day hoping for second, so I am really happy with the result.”

In the Grade 8 Boys High Jump, Adam Tibben’s 1.66 metre jump won him a gold, and set a new record.

“The previous record was 1.65 metres,” said Tibben. “I think I could have gotten 1.7 but I’m happy with this jump.”

Kayne McCadden won gold in the Grade 8 Javelin with a 32.75 metre throw, a full metre-and-a-half ahead of second place.

“Overall I though it was a great day,” said Andrew Carson, who coached the intermediate team along with Robin Gibbs and Roxanne Backes.

“The school performed well against some really big schools.”

Seaway finished 8th overall out of the 30 schools represented at the Upper Canada Cup, which is the highest level of competition for track and field for the intermediate level.

In the Grade 7 Girls events, Mudde qualified for the 100-metre dash event second overall in the preliminaries with a time of 13.94 seconds. Mackenzie Dumoulin had time of 14.94 seconds for 10th in qualifying, missing the finals by less than two-tenths of a second. Phoenix Pelehos was 18th in the qualifier round, with a time of 15.21 seconds.

In the finals, Mudde finished in third with a time of 14.07 seconds.

Mudde also qualified in the 200-metre dash with fifth in prelims and fifth in the final with a time 30.20 seconds. Dumoulin was 17th in the qualifier round and did not advance to the event final.

Dumoulin finished in sixth place in the 400-metre event with a time of 1:12.90 minutes.

Pelehos competed in the 800-metre event, finishing 16th in a field of 21 runners with a time of 3:13.24 minutes.

The 4×100-metre relay team finished sixth with a time of 1:02.03 minutes. The team consisted of Mudde, Dumoulin, Gracie Fairburn and Maeryn Gilmour.

Gilmour finished 12th in the Long Jump event, landing a 3.51 metre jump.

She finished in 19th out of 30 competitors in Shot Put with a throw of 5.87 metres. Leah Barkley was 24th with a throw of 5.39 metres.

Barkley placed 20th out of 30 competitors in the Javelin with a 9.62 metre throw.

In the Grade 8 Girls events, Lilly Lewis finished 13th in qualifiers for the 100-metre dash with at time of 14.48 seconds, missing the finals by less than two-tenths of a second.

Chloe Davis and Cassidy Bilmer competed in the 200-metre dash qualifier, finishing in 12th and 20th places respectively.

Lewis finished ninth in the 400-metre dash finals, with Megan Tibben finishing in 18th for the event. The pair raced in the 800-metre event, with Lewis finishing 12th, Tibben 14th.

Kaitlyn Merkley finished the 1500-metre race with a time of 6:32.50 minutes, good for 15th overall.

The Grade 8 Girls 4×100-metre relay team consisting of Lewis, Hannah Mallett-Seymour, Davis and Cassidy Bilmer finished in sixth, completing the race in 58.61 seconds.

In the shotput event, Bilmer’s 8.14 metre throw was good for 11th place out of a 30 competitor field. Her 14.65 metre throw in Javelin was good for 20th overall.

Seaway placed fourth in the Girls open relay 4×400-metre event with a time of 4:59.24 minutes. Running for the school were Lewis, Davis, Tibben and Mudde.

Over in the Grade 7 Boys events, Bronson Richmire finished 15th in qualifying for the 100-metre dash event with a time of 14.34 seconds, missing the finals by four-tenths of a second. He was 13th in qualifying for the 200-metre event while teammate Tyler Stewart was 23rd.

Richmire finished fourth overall in the 400-metre race with a time of 1:07.97 minutes, 3.1 seconds back from first place Reilly Nowlan from host Thousand Islands Intermediate.

Four competed for Seaway in the high jump event with Ryley Ault finishing fifth overall, Stewart in 14th, Nolan Belanger in 16th and Isaac Orendi in 19th.

Dominic Worthington finished 25th in the long jump event with a 3.13 metre jump.

In Triple Jump, Keaton Urquhart’s 7.33 metre jump was good for 23rd out of 30 competitors.

Belanger’s 6.65 metre toss was good for 25th overall in shot put while Orendi’s 22.48 metre throw was good for ninth overall in javelin.

In the Grade 8 boys events, Brett Fodey missed qualifying for the 100-metre dash event by three-quarters of a second in a tight field of runners. He missed the finals in the 200-metre race by 1.3 seconds.

T. J. Barnhartd’s 1:07.61 minute race in the 400-metre event placed him in 16th overall in a field of 25 runners.

In the 800-metre race, Adam Tibben finished fourth with a time of 2:31.73 minutes.

Josh Broad finished the 1500-metre race in 6:32.23 minutes.

The 4×100-metre relay team of Tibben, McCadden, Barnhartd and Fodey finished sixth with a time of 54.72 seconds.

McCadden finished 11th in the High Jump, and 10th in the Triple Jump events. Barnhartd was 15th in High Jump.

The Boys 4×400-metre open relay race saw mixed results with the team of McCadden, Barnhartd, Fodey and Brendan Shaver finishing eighth overall.

“We are all really proud of how our athletes stepped it up,” said Carson. “Two records, three golds, eight personal bests; it is impressive. The kids really did us proud.”