Sports Wanderings – End of season

The winter hockey season is over. I say winter hockey because unlike when I was a kid, now we have spring hockey and summer hockey. That is before hockey season starts again. Wait, what?

The season saw a lot of successes on the ice and in the community. The South Dundas Lions had two championship teams, other combined ‘Rep” teams made it far in the playoffs.

There were other successes on and off the ice, which have been in the pages of this paper.

There are many qualities that makes a season successful, one of them is the community. From fundraising to volunteering. The often-overused phrase “it takes a whole village” does apply here.

One of the untold stories was something Whitteker Bus Lines did during the Dundas Cup (which returned to its rightful place this year).

I learned that the bus company donated all the buses that brought students from Seaway to the Morrisburg arena to cheer on their school teams. Something simple, that after the six months of fighting to keep their school open, was really appreciated.