Pat Beavers

Patrick (Pat) died peacefully at home in Morrisburg on Sunday, March 5, 2017.

He will be remembered by his three daughters, Jo-Ann, Suki and Nancy Beavers and by his grandchildren Clare, Sean, Riley, Maisy, Oakley and Andi. Pat was predeceased by his father George E. Beavers, also of Morrisburg, his mother Helen O’Connor, sister Mary-Jo Beavers and brother Fred O’Connor.

Mass was celebrated at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, Morrisburg, on Thursday, March 9th. Education always played an important role in Pat’s life. As a youth, his academic journey began at Ashbury College.

He later attended the University of Western Ontario where he graduated with a BA in 1958. Law school at the University of Ottawa followed, and Pat was called to the bar in 1964.

After this, he returned to Morrisburg to practice law, but soon acquired a small company manufacturing dental supplies.

Over the next ten years, Pat built Odonto into a thriving local business. During these years, Pat ‘s interest in learning led him to be actively involved in organized education in his community.

He served both as school trustee and also as Chairman of the SD&G Catholic School Board. After the sale of Odonto in 1975, Pat returned to the academic environment full time. He followed his passion for his country by attending the Institute of Canadian Studies at Carleton University.

Here, he completed his thesis on Canadian nationalism and the growth of constitutional autonomy and received his Master’s Degree in 1979. Pat’s next venture was to help his community develop its local tourism.

Pat planned, designed, built and managed Paddy’s Inn. “Paddy”, as he was then known as, enjoyed greeting and sharing stories with both tourists and local residents alike for many years.

After selling Paddy’s Inn, Pat retired. He spent his winters in Fort Myers, Florida and faithfully returned home to Morrisburg every spring. The flag would go up and he could be found enjoying the river and debating everything Canadian with both family and friends. Go n-eírí an bóthar leat.