Editorial: From the Leader’s Newsroom – January 11th

We love the fact that Minister of Education Mitzie Hunter visited Eastern Ontario schools Tuesday. It would have been nice to have had her visit schools in South Dundas for balance.

In her interview with The Leader, Hunter stated repeatedly that this process is about providing better programming for students. Board officials have said this many times as well; these changes are about providing better programming.

For South Dundas schools, we still have no indication how closing our schools and shipping our high school students out of the area will provide better programming for our students.

The programming at South Grenville DHS and North Dundas DHS is at par with that of Seaway. No other additions are planned. None have been discussed. No tangible benefits have been demonstrated.

How is closing the schools in South Dundas improving programming for our students? Yes, some schools – likely city-based schools – will see improvements with more students attending their educational facilities. But, that is not the case for rural schools that would remain open.

The UCDSB has not demonstrated how its plan is an improvement. Questions remain unanswered, while the clock ticks towards the March 23rd final vote.