Mills reveals Seaway split projections

More details have been released in the proposed split of students attending Seaway District High School, should the Upper Canada District School Board’s proposed closure plan be approved.

In response to questions regarding the first facts and figures update from the UCDSB in the ARC process, superintendent Tim Mills released a breakdown of the proposed student split to The Leader. The document shows the potential  impact on the Grade 7-12 schools in both Prescott and North Dundas.

The UCDSB projections show that Seaway would have 416 full-time equivalent students for the 2017-18 school year. Seaway is rated with a capacity of 690 students using Ministry of Education guidelines based on square footage. Seaway is projected to have a 60 per cent usage, which was one of the considerations by UCDSB administration for the proposed closure.

Under the suggested boundaries, 222 students would move to South Grenville D.H.S., which would increase the school’s usage to 65 per cent., up from the current 51 per cent usage.

The influx of Seaway students would increase North Dundas District High School’s numbers by 194, putting that school’s usage to 89 per cent of capacity, up from the current 60 per cent.

Along with how Seaway students would impact the school populations in Prescott and North Dundas, the proposed split of Seaway students was not included in the original draft report by school board administration.

A request for the financial figures for North Dundas was not provided.

“North Dundas is not identified as a draft recommendation for closure, thus financial number are not provided,” said Mills.

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