Iroquois-Matilda Lions install picnic shelter


 “This new shelter is like the present one,” explained Iroquois-Matilda Lion Jim Locke, “but just a little smaller, about 18 feet by 32 feet. It will still hold several picnic tables.”

The Iroquois beach front was the site of considerable activity starting off October 11, as members of the Iroquois Lions club laid a cement foundation and raised laminated beams to create a new picnic shelter just west of the original one. 

Crews of two or three up to eight volunteers, over several days, prepared the beams in advance then came down to the beach to help in the actual construction. It was all part of the impressive beach improvements started by the Waterfront Committee. 

“The funding for this shelter came from Meldrum “Baldy” Hislop,” explained Locke. “He was a former clerk of the Village of Iroquois, who willed his house in town to the Iroquois-Matilda Lions, the Masons and the Presbyterian Church. 

Our share came to approximately $28,000.”

As part of their ongoing commitment to this community, the Lions talked over options for the funds and decided an addition “to our new, upgraded beach would be the appropriate place to spend the money,” Locke added. 

The club applied to the Township under the matching grant program for work on municipal property and got additional funds.

“So our community is getting a new picnic area to enjoy.”

Despite some strong winds, some rain, and a few cold days, Iroquois-Matilda Lions brought their own tools and machinery to the beach and erected a new shelter that will add to the pleasure of people using the beach come the spring.

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