Jonas and Barry in the Home opening at Playhouse


 It’s Foster time again at Upper Canada Playhouse and audiences should prepare themselves for another real gem of a show. 

Norm Foster always delivers the kind of hilarious and genuine theatre experience that has earned him the title of Canada’s most-produced playwright. 

His brand new show Jonas and Barry in the Home, playing September 8 through October 2, is guaranteed to keep Playhouse audiences in stitches while at the same time reminding them of real life experiences that are always close to home. The play has already enjoyed sell-out crowds wherever it’s played and Playhouse box office staff advise audiences to book their seats while they still can. 

Jonas and Barry in the Home is quite simply a riot. 

Events all happen at Gateway Gardens, an assisted living home for seniors where Barry, a retired dentist, and Jonas, a charismatic former stage actor, meet each other after moving into the retirement facility. Both seem a tad young to make the move but both have their reasons for doing so. 

Barry has moved there to appease his daughter, Rosie, who works at the home; Jonas holds his cards closer to his chest. 

The pair are constantly at odds with one another. However, in spite of their constant bickering, it soon becomes obvious that they’ve struck up quite the friendship. 

Each man reacts to his new-found home in vastly different and hysterical ways. Barry complains about the restrictions the home places on him while Jonas is having the time of his life cruising the eligible older ladies who also inhabit Gateway Gardens. 

Jonas’ infectious enthusiasm ultimately has a great effect on his new-found friend as the plot takes unexpected twists and turns that are both hilarious and moving at the same time. 

Jonas and Barry in the Home is vintage Norm Foster, taking audiences on a journey filled with humour, heart and surprise as they follow two individuals who are attempting to move on to the next stage of their lives.

Norm Foster himself stars as Jonas and David Nairn plays Barry, with actress Perrie Olthuis as daughter Rosie. 

Foster and Nairn were seen together at The Playhouse several years ago in another of the playwright’s hits, The Love List. Their chemistry is once again a driving force in Jonas and Barry in the Home, already being described as one of Foster’s best new comedies ever. 

But then again, with Norm Foster, that’s always the case! 

Audiences can expect to enjoy quite the ride with this last show of the Playhouse summer series. 

Following Jonas and Barry in the Home is the upcoming live concert Dean and Jerry – What Might Have Been playing October 18-23. 

This production stars Derek Marshall, who will be well known to audiences from the Playhouse hit, Vegas Knights

Dean and Jerry is filled with fabulous 50’s hits. Marshall is backed on stage by a terrific live band. Audiences can sit back and enjoy hilarious sketches made famous by Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. 

The Playhouse has just added an extra matinee to meet the demand for Dean and Jerry.

 The Upper Canada Playhouse  2016 season will conclude with the holiday family show, Miracle on 34th Street

Look for both public and school performances of this beloved production which will run December 1-18. 

The classic story also features some wonderful Christmas music to help celebrate your holiday season.

Tickets for Jonas and Barry in the Home, and information about any Playhouse shows are available by calling 613-543-3713.