Third chairperson resigns from Morrisburg Waterfront Committee

The Morrisburg Waterfront Implementation Committee is once again without a captain to steer the Morrisburg waterfront plan forward.

Chair of the committee Brian Veinotte resigned from the position and the committee the morning of July 21.

Veinotte’s resignation followed the committee meeting held July 20. He has chaired the committee since last December.

“This is really too bad. The plan is good, I just wanted to see something happen,” said Veinotte. 

He added that he’s frustrated that the committee hasn’t been able to get something going. 

“The committee has been at this for about 8.5 years, and all we have to show for it is the plan. Maybe the plan isn’t perfect, but you don’t throw away the whole thing because you don’t like some things about it.”

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