Lucky winner of Firefighters draw


Brent Christie of Prescott was not expecting a phone call from Iroquois on Wednesday, June 22. However, the employee of Prescott Building Centre (where he purchased his ticket from an Iroquois fire department member) was glad to receive notice that he was the lucky winner of the 50/50 draw held during the EOFA Firefighters’ Games which took place in Iroquois June 18-19. However, it was not until he arrived at the South Dundas station in Iroquois that Christie learned that he would taking home a cheque for $4,726. “I am very excited,” Christie said. “I never win much of anything. This is a definitely a lot more than my $4 investment. I think this money will be going right into my new truck fund.” Christie, left, accepts the cheque from Captain Brad Thompson of Station 1-4 in Iroquois.

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