WDMH hosting a planned giving session

We all think about the past, sure, but the future, that’s where everyone wants to invest.

The Foundation is embracing this attitude through the encouragement of planned giving.

The Canadian Association of Gift Planners (CAGP) defines planned giving as “the donor-centred process of planning charitable gifts, whether current or future gifts that meet philanthropic goals and balances personal, family, and tax considerations.”

Chelsea McIntyre is the Foundation’s Manager of Major, Planned, and Sponsorship Giving and hopes that some upcoming free seminars will “entice people to learn about the planned giving options they have to meet their philanthropic goals, and protect their assets from taxes – therefore giving more to their family than if they hadn’t made a planned gift.”

John Gleed of Morrisburg is someone who appreciates the value of the tax benefits when making a planned gift. 

“In the last few years I have replaced most of my monthly charitable cash donations with a larger annual securities donation that reflects the income tax reductions from the charitable tax deduction and the elimination of capital gains tax that would have been payable. I make this part of my year end investment and tax review process.”

The key motivating factor for John to support WDMH lies in keeping it competitive in attracting health care professionals. 

He shares that “we need to keep WDMH satisfactorily equipped with the best available modern equipment and technology in order to attract and keep the excellent doctors and other healthcare professionals we need to service our community.”

Many people don’t realize the minimal impact that a planned gift can have on their current cash flow. 

For example, John said that he found “by donating shares or securities directly to the WDMH Foundation, I can avoid paying capital gains tax and this means that my contribution can be increased, without reducing the cash available for my retirement living expenditures.”

The first of these seminars will be on Tuesday, June 28 at noon, at the McIntosh Inn in Morrisburg, with the topic focusing on how to give a gift of shares. 

Other coming topics include life insurance gifts on June 29 at 7pm at Louis Restaurant in Chesterville, and estate gifts on August 16 at noon at WDMH. 

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