Royal Canadian Mounties Musical Ride at the Village

Several hundred people gathered at Upper Canada Village on Fathers’ Day, Sunday June 19, to enjoy a very special event.

The famous Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride, just returned from celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday, put on a special performance in the heart of the Village.

Despite high temperatures, the riders and beautiful matching black horses put on a spectacular performance, thrilling the audience, both young and old. The riders, who come from all parts of Canada, performed drills and “mounted waltzes”, some of which dated back to the 1880s, to music that was uniquely Canadian in content.  

Applause and cheers were almost continuous throughout the half hour performance.

At the end, the troopers brought their horses up to the barricades, and “introduced” them to their admirers young and old. The police officers answered questions about their Ride and a lot of questions about their four-hooved companions.

Visitors had the chance to celebrate Fathers’ Day in a most unusual, but very exciting manner, this year at the Village.

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