Amphitheatre seating eyed by waterfront committee

The Morrisburg Waterfront Committee has consciously decided to back away from the commemorative square project for now, and has instead turned its attention to the Cruickshank Amphitheatre.

The Morrisburg Waterfront Implementation Committee held its regular meeting last week, and approved growing the committee by three new members.

Once council approves, Bill Laurin, Maggie Harvey and Kim Casselman will officially join the committee which has over the past year seen a large amount of turnover in its membership.

Keith Robinson is the only original committee member who has remained involved throughout the entire Morrisburg waterfront development process. 

Brian Veinotte chairs the committee and Carmello Scaini is also an existing member.

Going forward, for this year, the committee wants to explore options to bring seating to the Cruickshank Amphitheatre, with a view to improving the venue, making it more audience friendly.

The hope is to organize an event at the improved venue for August.

Along with the Iroquois Waterfront Committee, the Morrisburg Waterfront Committee was successful in its pitch to win funds from the 100 Women Who Care About South Dundas movement.

The money will be spent on park improvements, namely picnic tables and pathway benches.

Each committee received $1,950.

The Morrisburg committee plans to add funds from its existing budget to purchase a couple of picnic tables for the splashpad area of the park, and a few benches for along the pathways.

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