Bike-A-Thon Plus taking place in Dundas County for 7th year

The Children’s Treatment Centre will be hosting the Dundas County version of the 2016 Bike-A-Thon Plus event on May 28. 

The Bike-A-Thon Plus in Winchester and Morrisburg, is one of the many fundraisers organized by the Children’s Treatment Centre. 

Morrisburg lawyer Doug Grenkie (pictured) has been a driving force in bringing the event, which used to only take place in Cornwall, to Dundas. 

Currently, the CTC serves 224 children in North and South Dundas. 

Grenkie found out about the good work that the CTC does for children of SD&G and Akwesasne through an unfortunate circumstance. 

He was involved in a court case where he needed to see disclosures made by a child to a CTC counsellor. 

In order to this, a motion had to be made to see the disclosures which involved bringing the CTC to court. 

“That was when I found out the good work that they (the CTC) do and the fact they are an organization that doesn’t get any government funding,” Grenkie said. “The funding is all through the community.” 

After the court case, Grenkie felt badly for having to take the CTC to court so he visited their office. 

“I asked if I could help them out in some way. Then they asked if I could do something (for them) in Dundas County,” he said. “I said, I sure can. That’s where it all started.”

The Bike-A-Thon Plus event in Dundas is going on its seventh year, according to Grenkie. 

He had worked with Lyle Van Allen to set up the event which he says, “has been going strong ever since (we began).”

The Bike-A-Thon Plus in Dundas has had strong participation since it began, Grenkie said. 


“We’ve raised several thousands of dollars every year. Last year it was even more because we brought in the North Dundas Leos and they helped the event get started in the north end (of Dundas County),” he said. 

“This year, we are carrying on with that.”

On the day of the event in North Dundas, there will be participants walking at North Dundas High School at noon, while cycling and a yard sale will take place at the Lions Pavilion in Winchester.


To the south, the Morrisburg Docksyde will hosts cyclists and walkers at 10 a.m. with a ceremonial walk at noon.  

Pledge sheets are available at BMO Bank of Montreal or at the Gorrell, Grenkie & Remillard office in Morrisburg. 

Sheets can also be downloaded from the Children’s Treatment Centre website at 


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