Cutie Pageant Royalty comes to Morrisburg


 It was a scene that seemed taken from a fairy tale: girls of all ages dressed like royal princesses.

For the first time ever, Cutie Pageant Royalty staged a contest in Morrisburg. 

Fourteen girls ages eight months to 16 years, took part in the event, held at the McIntosh Country Inn and Conference Centre on Sunday, March 13, from 9 a.m. to nearly four p.m.

Judges  rated the participants in several categories including costumes, movement, poise and personality. Each contestant provided her own short music clip, moving in personal routines.

This local contest also offered parents the choice of ‘glitz’ or ‘natural’ looks for their children.

Operated by New York based Margo Green and her daughter Betzy (a title holder in American pageants), the organization is in its 10th year of business. 

“While there are many big pageants in cities such as Toronto, we are trying to come to areas that often don’t get pageants,” explained Margo. 

“And it has been our experience that local contests like this one are often the best and most enjoyable.”

Jessica Lortie, whose daughter Tenley, has been taking part in pageants for some time, including events in New York, actually invited the Greens to bring their  Cutie Beauty Pageant to South Dundas.

“Tenley enjoys taking part,” Jessica said. “She likes the music and the fun involved. Today’s event is really a family affair, but if a contestant is more competitive, there are many U.S. pageants where there are cash prizes as well as titles available.

Many Canadian events are centred in Toronto, but there are different branches in local areas.” 

Judging the contest on Sunday were Christine MacDonald, and the 1997 Matilda Carnival Queen, Angie Thompson-Raycroft.

“The children and teens have so much fun,” Thompson-Raycroft said. “I was really glad to see so many young people participating today, and they had such great personalties and creativity. It was a tough decision for me to make choices.”

“We look for kids to have fun when they are taking part in the pageant,” said Margo Green. “And I encourage parents to create costumes by using second hand stores. We do not want people overspending.”

Tenley Hamilton was chosen Grand Supreme Division Queen, and also Best Hair/Prettiest Eyes.

Abby Merkley and Farrah Baldwin were awarded Mini Supreme titles.

The judges’ Beauty Elite pick went to Aurora Walker, as well as the honour of Prettiest Smile.

The Greens enjoyed their South Dundas experience and are looking at the possibility of bringing the pageant back to this area around Tubie Weekend.

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