Vehicular and pedestrian traffic study takes another step forward


For $12,855, the Municipality of South Dundas now has a fairly complete inventory of its pedestrian and traffic problem in key areas of Morrisburg and corresponding solutions.

Municipal officials and consultant – MMM Group, hosted a public meeting February 25, at South Dundas council chambers to unveil the findings of the pedestrian and traffic study, ongoing since July 2015.

About 30 people attended the meeting which consisted of display boards of the areas studied. 

Each board identified problem areas and then proposed solutions. 

For the most part, those in attendance were fairly positive about the solutions presented which were generally sidewalk improvements, including the addition of new sidewalks in areas where need has been identified, sidewalk upgrades and the addition of a signalized pedestrian crossings of County Road 2 in the vicinity of Cassell Road (the County Road 2 mall entrance) and St. Lawrence Street.


Proper pedestrian crossings at all legs of busy intersections, including County Roads 2 and 31 and Ottawa and Fifth Streets, have also been included in the concept plan.

The scope of the study included the Morrisburg Plaza. 

Apart from the proposed pedestrian crossing at Cassell, the thrust of the plan for the mall involved suggestions to improve longtime traffic flow issues. 

The plan calls for Cassell Road to be widened alongside a new sidewalk, to make it easier for larger vehicles (i.e. RVs) to access the plaza. 

Other suggestions for the plaza included; the widening of Main Street to allow for a pickup/drop off area near the clock tower and the conversion of all storefront parking spaces to handicap spaces.

Also proposed for the mall area is the creation of a parking area for RVs and transports. Three suggested options were presented, and public reviews of that proposal were mixed, as one option cut into existing green space at the east end of the mall.

However, some area residents wanted to see more, and had hoped for a plan to better allow pedestrians to cross County Road 31.

That area was not included in the scope of this study, but public feedback suggested it should have been.

While staff and public feedback will be used to determine priority projects, progress on any part of the plan will ultimately lie with council.


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