MFSC sending record sized team to EOSIC


The Morrisburg Figure Skate Club is sending a record 16 skaters to this year’s EOSIC, and last Wednesday, January 20, the club held a simulation to allow the skaters to get a feel on clear ice of the upcoming competition in Whitby, February 19-21.

After all of the skaters, had skated their programs, they gathered in the MFSC club room for the traditional send-off celebratory cake.

At the send-off Figure Skate Club president Julie VanHoof spoke on behalf of the club.

“On behalf of the MFSC, I’d like to wish each of you all the best at this year’s EOSIC,” she said. “We are fortunate to be sending 16 skaters to represent MFSC. You have all worked so hard and are dedicated to the sport of figure skating.”

VanHoof also offered encouragement to the young skaters. “Good luck to our 11 Star 2-4 skaters who will get the chance to experience what EOSIC is all about. Have fun and enjoy the experience without the pressure of skating in a qualifying event.”

“This will help you to be prepared and know what to expect the day you do.”

To the five seniors who will be competing, Van Hoof said, “We have five senior skaters that we wish all the best to, as they will be skating in qualifying events with the dream of skating at the Skate Ontario Championships in March.”

“You are an amazing group of girls who work extremely hard on the ice. Good luck to all of you and enjoy this year’s experience. No matter where you finish, we are proud of you all.”

This year, the EOSIC event from Star 5 to Gold including Pre-Juvenile, Juvenile, Triathlon and Dance are qualifying events.

The Morrisburg club skaters in these qualifiers include Abigail Jordan, Erika Jordan and Cameryn Broad all in Star 5; Kristyn Van Hoof in the two separate events of Sr. Bronze Free Skate and Bronze Triathlon;  and Alexis Engwerda in Senior Silver Free Skate.

EOSIC continues to include the Star 2-4 level, but without the pressure of trying to qualify. Skaters at Star 2-3 will not be ranked. They will received ribbons with a report card assessment for their level standard.

Skaters at the Star 4 level will all be assessed to a standard but will be ranked.

Skating at the Star 2 level for MFSC are Lilly Napier, Emma Morrow, Peyton Singh, Grace Morrow, Marin Morrow, Olivia Chafe and Shianne Johnston.

At the Star 3 level the skaters  are Gracie Fairbairn, Madisyn Hart and Jessica Swerdfeger, and at the Star 4 level is Reagan Belanger.

From last Wednesday’s simulation, all skaters received feedback on their programs to help with their preparations for EOSIC. 

“We decided to include all of our skaters in the simulation, so we could give our younger skaters a chance to perform. We also wanted to build team dynamics, as all skaters are excited to go to EOSIC whether they are in qualifying events or not.”

“It is an exciting time for skaters, as they all enjoy cheering each other on.”


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