Donate blood Nov. 16th at Seaway District High School

Blood donations are always needed, and new donors are always welcome.

November 16, the Catholic Women’s League of Morrisburg and Iroquois is sponsoring a blood donor clinic, from 4-8 p.m. at Seaway District High School in Iroquois.

The new later hours are meant to make it more convenient for more people to donate, reversing the current trend which shows the number of blood units being collected at the Morrisburg and Iroquois clinics declining steadily.

This year, the SD&G OPP and South Dundas Fire and Emergency Services have gotten involved in promoting and helping at the clinic.

“New donors are key to meeting the future need for blood in this country, especially in light of Canada’s aging population,” says Mark Donnison, Canadian Blood Services, vice president of donor relations.

Those planning to donate are encouraged to book an appointment in advance at or by calling 1-888-236-6283.

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