Sexual Assault Support Services available locally

For 20 years, Sexual Assault Services for Women has been supporting women of Cornwall, SD&G and Akwesasne, who have been the victims of sexual assault, but this year, for the first time, the program has expanded to include outreach services.

Thanks to United Way funding, the services offered by SASS no longer require the victim to access the services through their Cornwall office.

“Thanks to this new funding, we can go to them,” says Karina Boucher, outreach worker/counsellor for SASS.

SASS helps women ages 16 and up who are victims of sexual assault.

Services provided include counselling, advocacy and accompaniment for hospital, police and court visits. SASS workers also have access to an extensive referral networks to help victims.

“This is a confidential, non-judgemental service,” says Boucher, who can meet any woman requesting the service in any public space, anywhere across SD&G. 

“We don’t even need your real name, just a place to meet,” says Boucher. The service is fully bilingual. 

There a various reasons that a victim might prefer to meet through this outreach program, be it for transportation reasons, economic reasons or for comfort’s sake.

Boucher wants people to be aware of this service, and believes this outreach program will provide an important opportunity to increase access to SASS services. 

This program has received one year of funding and plans to re-apply next year. 

To gain access to the SASS outreach program simply call Karina (613-932-1755×23) or send an email to


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