Heel ‘n Wheel aims to walk, bike, change lives


 The big day is fast approaching. 

On Sunday, September 13, teams from all over the region served by the Winchester District Memorial Hospital will gather in Winchester to take part in the 2015 Heel n’ Wheel for Local Cancer Care. Walkers and bike riders, who have been raising sponsor funds, will walk or cycle a chosen distance from 5-25 kilometres. All participants share one major goal: an end to cancer.

The annual event is sponsored by the Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation. 

The Heelers and Wheelers have two specific aims in mind for the funds raised at their 2015 event. Money will go toward the purchase of two HD colonscopes, used for the detection of colorectal cancer, at an estimated cost of $80,000. And the Winchester Hospital Team is specifically putting the funds it raises towards their 2007 commitment to finance the Hospital’s $500,000 digital mammography machine. They are within $18,000 of their goal.

Many individuals have found novel ways to support the Heel n’ Wheel initiative. 

One of these individuals is Brian Cox, who loves old bikes and has donated some of his profits from repairing and selling them to the Local Cancer Care fundraiser.  He has also set himself and his family members, who strongly support his efforts, individual challenges as part of the Heel n’ Wheel campaign. Two years ago he raised more than $2,000 by agreeing to trim his exceptional beard. Last year, his wife Marlyn agreed to stop smoking if he raised more than $2,000. He did. And she did. He is once again biking in the September 23 event, and is hoping to surpass the $2,000 mark in sponsorships.

The Foundation organizers and volunteers hope that area residents and businesses will find a way to support individuals like Brian Cox, and the many other walkers and riders who put together enthusiastic teams, seek out sponsors, and donate their time and efforts into finding a way to end cancer.

To support Brian and other Heel n’ Wheel participants, visit www.heelnwheel.ca or call WDMH Foundation office at 613-774-2420, extension 6169 for details.   

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