Roger Swerdfeger is at it again, hole in one this time


Last week the Leader printed a report on golfer Roger Swerdfeger of Long Sault, and the albatross he had scored on the par five second hole at the Upper Canada Golf Course on July 9. 

At that time he had been playing for about 40 years and while he now had the albatross he had never had a hole-in-one.

Well all that changed on Tuesday, July 21, 12 days later, when he walked onto the tee on the par 3, 13th hole with his pitching wedge, and hit a shot that would land, bounce once and go into the hole.

That’s right, just 12 days after Swerdfeger made course history with the albatross, which odds makers put at several million to one, he registered a hole in one. 

Care to make a guess on the odds of someone doing this?

Swerdfeger says he and Tom Thompson and Reg Deschamps were playing from the red tee which measures 95 yards to the centre of the green.

“I used my pitching wedge. It was a one hopper. Actually it hit and jumped a bit left. I heard Reg say ‘I think it’s going in.’”

“I’m a 20 handicapper you know. That is what makes it even more rare.”

Asked what was more exciting the albatross or the hole in one…he admitted he wasn’t really sure. When he saw the ball drop in the cup for the hole in one he says…I was more just in shock. I don’t think I said or did anything. I had all that news coverage for the albatross and I said,‘that’s enough.’”

And looking for more of a coincidence…the 13th tee at Upper Canada lies directly beside the 2nd green where Swerdfeger got the albatross.

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