Waterfront committee recruiting, looking towards future projects

Doreen Liberty has been selected as the new chair of the Morrisburg Waterfront Implementation Committee.

Liberty has been part of this advisory committee of council since its inception and part of the waterfront planning committee before that.

She was selected unanimously by her fellow committee members at their most recent meeting, July 14, at South Dundas Municipal Centre’s council chambers.

Liberty said she would accept the position, but only until the end of the year. At that time, it will be decided if there is a desire for her to continue in the role.

Liberty replaces Randy Veinotte. He resigned when he resigned from the committee in late June due to other time commitments.

The committee remains short two members as longtime member Phillip Blancher resigned July 7, citing the need to refocus his attention on his other volunteer and family commitments. 

The committee members agreed they want to see the vacancies filled and will ask the municipality to advertise the opportunity.

Going forward, the committee plans to work towards identifying funding opportunities to help them continues working towards park improvements within the general guidelines of the existing Morrisburg waterfront concept plan. 

They know that they may need to focus their attention on small projects, depending on funding opportunities and have expressed a willingness to do so. 

They foresee working in the near future towards the creation of a commemorative square, which involves the re-location of a baseball diamond.  

Of her new role as committee chair, Liberty says, “I look forward to continuing to work with the committee. We’ve had a good four years, as things have progressed in the parks.”

“I would like more people to take an interest and become involved,” she says, adding that the committee is willing to listen to ideas and input, and looks forward to continued opportunities to help drive community projects forward. 

Members of the committee are Doreen Liberty, Keith Robinson, Jean-Louis Tanguay, Mike Thompson, Gregg Robertson and council appointed member Marc St. Pierre. 

Mayor Evonne Delegarde also attends regularly. 

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