Now 38 Jaime Adams tells her own story

“For someone who’s just over three feet tall, and born with a rare bone disease, life is always a work in progress,” says Jaime A. Adams, the little girl who was born in 1977 and raised in Iroquois.

Jaime, remembered by so many as the subject of community support efforts throughout the 1980s when the small town rallied around the daughter of Glen and Lorraine Adams with Morquio Syndrome, has written a book about her life, from her perspective.

In “Mommy, when can we go to church?”, a 60 page autobiography, Jaime tells her story of how faith and determination have helped her reach milestones, no one ever thought possible.

Jaime’s parents were told that she had a short life expectancy, maybe 10 years.

This story is not one of lofty achievements, but rather the ability of someone, who despite the odds, continues to move forward, no matter how difficult.

“Writing my autobiography wasn’t all that easy,” Jaime tells The Leader. 

“I wanted to write a book to help people who are going through similar issues. Whether you are a little person or not, we all have difficulties, young or old.”

The book follows Jaime, from procedure to procedure, but shows the impact of these from the perspective of a young child.

“I wanted readers to feel like they were there with me. In order to do that I had to go back there in my mind and re-live those experiences. That was tough.”

“Writing this book has helped me to analyze my childhood emotions,” says Jaime. 

Through dealing with two emotional breakdowns, and coping with much anger, Jaime discovered, that through everything her faith in God had gotten stronger, not weaker.

“My health today is great,” says Jaime. “Stronger than ever.”

Jaime now lives in Brockville. She has degrees in business administration, marketing, medical terminology and is working on web design courses, but remains unemployed. 

Jaime hopes to find employment to help her afford a vehicle so she can continue working towards getting her driver’s licence.

She plans to write more books, but says that too takes money.

Jaime is selling her book for $25 directly. Anyone interested can contact her on her personal Facebook page or on Adamsflash Facebook to purchase a copy. It is also available through

Mommy, when can we go to church? was published by Word Alive Press, December, 2014.

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